Essential data communications solution


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ADP is a global provider of cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions and leader in business outsourcing services, and has more than 600,000 clients in over 100 countries worldwide.  Establishing and maintaining the trust of clients has been the foundation of the company’s business model for more than 60 years, and the privacy and security of its clients' data is of the highest importance.  When it comes to safeguarding clients’ data, ADP uses the very latest tools, tactics, techniques and procedures, and turned to Scolmore to provide the solution to some of the security requirements at its datacentres in Europe. Scolmore’s innovative IEC Lock connectors are being used to secure the connection between the Power Distribution Unit (PDU) and the servers and other IT equipment, which are housed on the racks in the datacentres - providing a critical power chain.  IEC Lock was chosen for its superior performance and simplicity.  IEC Lock is a patented range of unique C13 and C19 connectors and outlets and provides an inexpensive solution to the prevention of accidental disconnection of a critical power supply.   The locking mechanism of the IEC Lock is beautifully straightforward and can be retrofitted.  The lead is simply connected to the appliance as any other IEC lead.  Once it has been fitted, the mechanism locks it to the appliance, ensuring that the lead cannot be accidentally pulled or vibrated out of the inlet.   IEC Lock will fit any IEC standard conforming inlet and is available in a range of colours to help simplify identification.  ADP has used two colours - red and black – to identify two different power sources.  As well as data communications, IEC-Lock provides ideal protection for a variety of applications, including medical and military environments, outside broadcasting, maritime and leisure.