IEC Lock adds new locking rewireable connector to the range


Scolmore’s innovative and award-winning IEC Lock™ range has been expanded to include a new C19 Locking Rewireable Connector, which is designed to offer total flexibility when assembling cables. IEC Lock™ is a unique mechanism for locking IEC Connectors and is designed to provide protection against accidental disconnection of computer equipment, servers and most network devices by way of a unique and patented locking mechanism. The new C19 Locking Rewireable Connector cannot be accidentally pulled or vibrated out of the outlet, making it ideal for protecting appliances that are vulnerable to vibration.It features a globally approved power cord which means this one product meets the requirements for use across multiple countries: Europe (VDE & ENEC), US & Canada (cULus), and Australia (SAA). The full range of IEC Lock products can be viewed at