Locking out the competition


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One of Europe’s leading manufacturers of Data Centre Infrastructure and ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) products - Austrian-based EPS Electric Power Systems - has turned to Scolmore Group’s innovative IEC Lock to provide vital power protection properties for a number of products.  IEC Lock C13 and C19 outlets have been incorporated into two of ESP’s key products - the ATS3020 RM Lock and the EBS3000 RM Lock. The ATS3020 RM Lock is an Automatic Transfer Switch with two input connectors which provides a redundant power supply to critical equipment within Data Centres. If the primary power source in the data centre fails, the ATS automatically switches to the secondary source. The implementation of an Automatic Transfer Switch ensures that the power supply isn´t disrupted despite the failure of the primary power source. The EBS3000 RM Lock is an External Bypass Switch that can physically remove the UPS system during the operation of the system. The power source can be changed (between UPS power and normal power) via the selector. This allows customers to be able to continue the power supply to applications, whilst making changes to the UPS system. Since its launch in 2010, the IEC Lock has been providing protection for computers, servers, PDU’s and most electrical appliances that are vulnerable to vibration and accidental disconnection - by way of a unique locking mechanism.  The locking mechanism of the IEC Lock’s unique patented female C13 and C19 connectors is beautifully straightforward and can be retrofitted.  The lead is simply connected to the appliance as any other IEC lead.  Once it has been fitted, the IEC-Lock mechanism locks it to the appliance, ensuring that the lead cannot be accidentally pulled or vibrated out of the inlet. An additional security feature is the tamper-evident seal that covers the release catch. This seal must be removed to access the release catch and so is also an instant indication that the lock has been interfered with. The IEC-Lock provides ideal protection for a variety of applications, from data communications, medical and military environments, through to use with electrical equipment in gyms and leisure clubs.  Scolmore has just launched the IEC Lock+ - which incorporates a new release mechanism and has been designed to be implemented in areas where access is limited and ease of removal is of paramount importance.