IEC Lock Boosts Deliveries To Maritime Sector


Download a PDF of the Case study here

Scolmore is working together with the Norwegian Kongsberg Maritime, a key player in the maritime industry via the supply of its IEC Lock product line. We are increasing the implementation of IEC Lock to ensure reliable power supply to a wide range of critical maritime applications. Two thirds of the planet is covered by sea. IEC Lock covers it all. The locking power cable is used on a wide range of standard computers and custom made systems. It is installed in cabinets and consoles on board vessels - the IEC Lock Power Cords rule the waves. Alternative cables of different shape need to be fitted with a matching locking device to ensure the same security as IEC Lock. By choosing IEC Lock, both security and logistics are simplified and improved. Kongsberg Maritime was the first customer of Fox Electronics, IEC Lock’s Norwegian Distributor. At first it was implemented in control systems for Hydrographic data processing. Currently the IEC Lock cables are used in all kind of solutions for merchant marine, offshore and subsea. With a wide range of standard colours, lengths and connector configurations the IEC Lock cable will meet almost any requirement. Together we are committed to making sure you’ll see the vital picture on the screen.