New Dual Locking Connector added to the IEC Lock range


Scolmore has expanded its innovative and award-winning IEC Lock™ range with the addition of a new C20 Dual Locking Connector, that features secure locking tabs on both the side and the bottom of the connector and will lock into any standard C19 outlet. IEC Lock™ is a unique mechanism for locking IEC Connectors and is designed to provide protection against accidental disconnection of computer equipment, servers and most network devices by way of a unique and patented locking mechanism. With patent pending on the design, the new C20 Dual Locking Connector is compatible with a wide range of standard non locking C19 outlets due to the flexibility of the different locking mechanisms. It features a globally approved power cord which means this one product meets the requirements for use across multiple countries: Europe (VDE & ENEC), US & Canada (cULus), and Australia (SAA). The full range of IEC Lock products can be viewed at